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Imperial Homes Land Acquisitions

Imperial Homes are recognised for their long-standing ability to identify suitable development sites throughout the South Coast, helping to optimise the most viable land solutions to deliver our award-winning housing.

Each project is promoted on its own specific merits, ensuring that from conception to completion we consider all aspects of the transaction. Whether you are the original selling source, or the new home owner, Imperial Homes can guarantee a trustworthy, honest and reputation defined solution.

Our experienced land team can demonstrate decades of success, and are supported by a trusted, local and proven professional team. By using some of the industries most respected design, planning and technical consultants, we can keep focused on a continuous deliverable land acquisition programme.

We have to plan for now and for the future, and you will find our approach professional, personal and focused, with your interests at the forefront of our decision making.

Land acquisition is often driven by multiple considerations, from the technicalities of securing planning, through to the practical delivery of a site. Our aim on each project, is to promote the optimum planning policy compliant solution, which by definition enables us to create the highest yielding land value. We offer every single seller, a development strategy, that is backed with integrity and a deliverable foundation.

Every potential land acquisition, starts with a comprehensive site inspection. We assess all elements of the site, reviewing the relevant planning policies, along with any practical and ecological constraints that might affect the success of project.

Once we have identified a site can, in principle, support a redevelopment programme, we are able to start considering the correct scale, mass and design of a proposal.

We will not submit an estimated sale price and leave vendors in the dark. We will provide an honest and informed proposal that will consider all aspects of the sale and give detailed and factual information. We will keep you fully involved and informed throughout what can be a complex, and sometimes long process, providing expertise in all areas of planning policy, design and current market trends.


If you have a plot of land or commercial premises that you feel may have development potential, please contact us on 01489 784847, and your enquiry will be treated with the strictest of confidence. Whilst achieving the best possible land value for our clients.

Contact Ben Olds on
+44 7827 338521
or email [email protected]

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